JONEL’s underlying philosophy is based on manufacturing and developing sustainable technologies.


Our threads are manufactured using 30% green energy thanks to solar panels installed on the roof of our factory.

All of our packaging comes from recycled products.


Our brand of Elsanek fabrics featuring Olefine technology was and continues to be a trailblazer for sustainability thanks to its features.

These fabrics do not need to be dyed: eliminating this step results in less water consumption.

Thanks to its light weight (up to 35% lighter than conventional fabrics), we can save on maintenance, resulting in less energy and water consumption.

It requires low temperature drying (maximum 40º) and short cycles (maximum 20 minutes), which means laundry CO2 emissions are cut in half.
It can be reused following numerous washes without loss of performance, eliminating the amount of waste caused by disposable products, with consequent savings in terms of waste management and costs.

100% recyclable fabrics. The characteristics of this manufacturing technology make it extremely environmentally friendly. It is considered green plastic since it can be reused. And as a result, burning it does not produce pollution.
It can be identified by the number 5 as its resin identification code along with the letters PP. The number 5 indicates the safest plastic.

This has led us here at Jonel to be able to manufacture textile products made 100% from a single material, while providing our customers with the best advice for manufacturing products with these features and obtaining our own “Elsanek Recycle Me” certification.

The “Elsanek Recycle Me” label means the product can be easily recycled without added costs, making sustainability cost-effective.