This polymer is made of linear macromolecules consisting of saturated hydrocarbons where one carbon atom is attached to a pendant methyl group, which is usually isostatic and carries no other substituents.


It being isostatic, here referring to the polypropylene, means that all the methyl groups are on the same side.

The fact that these methyl groups are uniformly distributed provides a crystallinity between 70 and 85%, which gives a polymer with the following properties:

High mechanical strength (fracture toughness and fatigue strength)

Chemical solvent-resistant

Inert and non-toxic

With outstanding dielectric properties

Low humidity absorption coefficient (hydrophobic)

Fully recyclable (green plastic)

SAFETY (inherent properties)

  • EN13795-certified (European standard).
  • Levels of dry microbial penetration (CFU) 10 times lower than the limit required by the standard. Minimum risk of infection and transmission.
  • Maximum safety in direct contact with the skin.
  • Acute Dermal Irritation/Corrosion Standard OECD 404 (2002).
  • The Oeko-Tex Standard: maximum score Class I. Product that can be used for babies.
  • EN1149-certified  (antistatic standard).
  • Do not attract airborne dust particles.
  • No electrostatic discharges to users.
  • EN13034-certified (protective clothing against liquid chemicals).
  • Fabric is acid penetration resistant with a high level of repellence.
  • Free of harmful substances.
  • Class I-certified under standard 100 (highest class).


  • Estimated lifespan of 400-500 industrial washes. The high strength properties of these fabrics ensure a long service life.
  • Reduced laundry costs.
  • ELSANEK fabrics weigh 30% less than conventional fabrics.
  • Drying at a lower temperature. Reduced laundry energy costs.
  • Technology specifically designed for leasing.


  • 100% recyclable. It can be identified by the number 5 as its resin identification code along with the letters PP. The number 5 indicates the safest plastic.
  • Reusable >300 uses.
  • Lowers CO2 emissions linked to drying by more than 50% compared to conventional fabrics. Requires just 40ºC and 20 minutes maximum.


  • Breathable
  • Soft
  • Light
  • No pilling



Absor Protect technology emerged following years of research developing the most effective and versatile surgical protection fabrics. These fabrics feature modified polyester, polyamide and carbon fibre polymers, and their specific textile design delivers outstanding liquid absorbency while offering waterproofing in excess of a 10-metre water column. These properties are inherent throughout the entire life of the garments, as endorsed by its European certifications after 150 industrial washes.


  • EN13795-certified for the manufacture of high-performance surgical gowns and drapes after 55 sterilisation cycles.
  • EN14126 and 14605-certified after 150 washes.


  • Absor Protect reduces weight by 30% per m2 compared to alternative fabrics.
  • Easy handling due to its lightweight.
  • Low laundry costs.


  • Reusable products. Lowers costs of purchase and waste management.
  • Technology specifically designed for leasing.


SPIT PROTECT is Jonel’s new technology specially designed for permanent protection against water, liquids and acids. Thanks to Spit Protect, fabrics are able to instantly spit out any liquid in the form of drops or pressure.


  • Waterproof protection with a 10 m water column in accordance with EN20811.
  • Biological agent (EN14126) and chemical agent (EN14605) certified after 150 washes.
  • Antistatic fabrics to dissipate electrostatic discharges and stay free of dust particles.


  • This technology results in very lightweight fabrics to provide maximum comfort for professionals.


  • Savings in terms of durability when compared with single-use garments.
  • Fabrics capable of withstanding 150 industrial washes while maintaining their technical features.
  • Very low textile weight = lower washing and drying costs.
  • Technology specifically designed for leasing.